Top 100 Unusual Names For Boys And Their Meanings

Unusual Names For Boys
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Unusual names for boys often have their own sounds too. If you are thinking about what some of the Unusual names for boys can sound like, these names aren’t that bad for initial as well as middle names for baby boys or girls.

If you enjoy all the audios the letters make, you’ll definitely want to know the Unusual names for boys for girls and boys in this list. Whether you want short, long, adorable, or distinct, there are Unusual names for boys out for you to know.

These Unusual names for boys have been used more than one or two occasions before, which can eventually lead your baby on a path of its own. Individuals with names or Unusual names for boys are extremely cooperative, courteous, and are very thoughtful.

The ideal characteristic concerning them is that they deal with everyone around with utmost treatment, convenience, and level of sensitivity.

Although it might not be the only point on your mind after you have actually given birth, choosing your baby’s name is among the most significant decisions you’ll make.

For ideas on the Unusual names for boys, we’ve got a list of thousands for you!

Choosing Unusual names for boys

Unusual Names For Boys
Besides helping guarantee your child is healthy, there is nearly absolutely nothing more vital than your baby’s name that he/she can happily bring throughout their life.

This list of distinctively Unusual names for boys offers you numerous options for calling your baby with a nod to your fantastic culture and history.

Choosing a baby name can be a difficult decision. Below are some ideas for Unusual names for boys based upon data from the USA Social Safety And Security Administration  and the USA benefits

Naming a youngster is a really essential event that is entitled to a cautious factor to consider. Names should never ever have damaging definitions since this could have adverse effects that might not develop positivity in the child. It needs to be a fantastic, honorable, and favorable name, which both you and your companion love.

You make sure to enjoy the name in the years to come because your child will certainly become his name

This list of Unusual names for boys is The Cradle Rocks’ initial list of cute Unusual names for boys for you to choose from.

Popular Unusual names for boys

You are certain to enjoy this mix of these Unusual names for boys. There are cultural and typical French, Greek, British, American girl, Roman names for boys, and lots more. These unique options will definitely fit your little one and make him a positive influence on your entire family members.

Check out these unique Unusual names for boys and pick a fantastic name for your little baby.

You are actually in the right place if you are looking for incredible Unusual names for boys and are trending currently. These names are prominent and special in their very own fantastic ways and also have incredible significances.

But wait!  We also took a look back at over 90 of the most unusual baby names. Some are adorably crazy — while some are just pleasant and refreshingly unusual. You could also find some inspiration for unique names for girls here. The best idea for English names for girls is also available on this page.

You can also decide to go with British names for girls and girls or go by the Japanese origin by checking our post on popular japanese names for girls.

Also if you prefer some Chinese names, Hebrew names idea, you can find some hebrew names for girls or girls and their amazing meanings

Top 100 Unusual names for boys

  1. Unusual Names For BoysAbner – Abner is one of the unusual names for boys and the meaning is ‘the daddy of light’. Stemming from Hebrew, it is originating from ahv (daddy) and ner (knowledge).
  2.  Amor – A variation of the name Amory and the Latin name of the Roman god Cupid, the meaning of Amor is ‘love’ in Spanish and Portuguese.
  3. Barak – This is an Arabic name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘lightning’. In the Old Testament, Barak was an Israelite general.
  4. Basil – Basil indicates ‘royal’ and ‘brave’. This name was stemmed from the Greek name Vassilios, and Bas indicates ‘courageous’ in Arabic.
  5. Cary – Cary is a name of English origin, and the meaning is ‘pure’.
  6. Cosmo – Pronounced as Koz-mo, this Italian or British name meaning is ‘order’, ‘decency’, and ‘appeal’. The Greek name Kosmos has a huge style to it.
  7. Dakarai – Dakarai is an African name that indicates ‘joy’ which your child will absolutely bring into your life.
  8.  Delano – This French name meaning is ‘from the marsh’. Originated from the word ‘de la nuit’, which means the night, this name is perfect for kids born during the night.
  9. Enoch – Originated from Hebrew, Enoch implies ‘the devoted one’. In the Bible, Enoch was the oldest child of Cain and the dad of Methuselah.
  10. Eustace – This English name has a Greek origin, and the meaning is ‘worthwhile’, ‘fecund’, or ‘he who is strong’.
  11. Foster – Originated from English origin, Foster is an occupational name and one of the most unique unusual names for boys and the meaning is ‘forest guardian’.
  12. Faron – Faron originated from the name Fairmont and the meaning is’ good-looking servant’. It has English and French origin.\
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Strong unusual baby boy names

  1. Gatlin – Indicating ‘buddy’ or ‘wandering man’, it originated from the Old English word ‘gaedeling’ and the Old High German’ gateling’.
  2. Guy – This name of French origin means ‘to lead’ or ‘guide’. Stemmed from the Hebrew’ goy’, it means ‘valley’ in Hebrew, ‘life’ in Latin.
  3. Genesis – Originated from the Greek word ‘genesis’, the English has actually embraced the Latin significance of this name and the meaning is ‘origin’ or ‘development’.
  4. Heathcliff – Based upon the Anglo-Saxon word, Heathcliff it means ‘wasteland covered with heather’ or ‘cliff near a heath’.
  5. Huntley – This habitation name was originated from a location in Gloucestershire which came from Old English hunta or ‘hunter’ or ‘the hunt field’.
  6. Ian – Stemmed from the Hebrew name Yohanan, or Scottish Gaelic Iain, Ian is an anglicized variation. Its Scottish significance is ‘the Lord is thoughtful’.
  7. Isaias – This as part of the unusual names for boys is of Spanish origin and the meaning is ‘God is my redemption’. Stemming from the Hebrew name Isaiah, it is used in some variations of the Bible.
  8. Jaziel – Stemming from Hebrew, this Scriptural name originated from Jahzeel.  The meaning of Jaziel is ‘set aside by God’ and can have the trendy nickname Jazz.
  9. Jorah – Having a Hebrew origin, Jorah it means ‘very first rain’ or ‘fall rain’.
  10. Kenzo – Kenzo has a Japanese origin which implies ‘smart and healthy’.
  11. Kester – This Greek baby name indicates ‘carrier of Christ’. In English and Latin, the significant modifications to ‘from the Roman camp’.
  12. Journal – Stemmed from English origin, the meaning of Journal is ‘Spear People’. The name Journal can be traced back to the anglicized variation of Leger.

Strong unusual boy names

  1. Unusual Names For BoysLockwood – Based upon the Anglo-Saxon word loc (enclosure) and the Middle English word wald (forest), Lockwood is among the unusual names for boys and the meaning is ‘forest near a strengthened location’.
  2. Radical – This name of American origin indicates ‘non-conformist or independent’. Radical may simply set his own guidelines in life.
  3. Maxton – This English name of Latin origin indicates ‘biggest’. Mack, Mac, or Max can be excellent labels for Maxton.
  4. Noam – This name of Hebrew origin is likewise a scriptural name, and the meaning is ‘pleasantness’, ‘beauty’, or ‘inflammation’.
  5. Nile – This child’s name is of Greek origin, and it indicates ‘river valley’ and ‘champ’. A version of Niall and Niles, Nile is thought about to be a present for individuals of Egypt.
  6. Onyx – This Aboriginal name describes the ‘valuable black gems’. The initial Greek significance of this name is ‘nail’, or ‘claw’.
  7. Ogden – Ogden is a name of English origin, and the meaning is ‘from the Oak Valley’.
  8. Phoenix – A name of Greek origin and the meaning is ‘dark red’, Phoenix is the name of a legendary bird that is a sign of immortality.
  9. Pinchas – This name of Hebrew origin and the meaning is ‘dark-skinned’. In the Bible, Pinchas was the boy of Eleazar.
  10. Quincy – This name has an Old French origin, and the meaning of Quincy is ‘estate of the 5th son’.
  11. Qaani – This name of Arabic origin indicates ‘one who is material with himself’.
  12. Royce – This is a name of English origin and the meaning is ‘boy of the king’. Royce represents the peak of overindulgence.
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Unique baby boy names

  1. Ra – This is a name of Egyptian origin and the meaning is ‘the sun’. Your child Ra would bring sunlight and joy into your life.
  2. Silas – Based upon the name Silvanus, Silas has a Latin origin, and the meaning is ‘wood or forest’. Stemmed from Saul, its Hebrew significance is ‘the youngest’.
  3. Tzvi – This uncommon name meaning is ‘gazelle’ in Hebrew. This special name may be the ideal one for your newborn.
  4. Ubaldo – An Italian name of Germanic origin, the meaning of Ubaldo is ‘of a strong heart and mind’.
  5. Viggo –   the meaning is ‘war-like’, or ‘fight’, Viggo is a name originated from the Old Norse name Vigge or the German name Ludvig.
  6. Vadim – This is a name of Bosnian, Russian, and Slavic origin. The meaning is ‘ruler’.
  7. Waylon – Waylon has an English origin, and the meaning is ‘land by the roadway’. The English embraced this name from the Scandinavian inhabitants and anglicized it to Wayland.
  8. Wadd – This is a name of Malay or Arabic origin and the meaning is ‘cherished’. A various and fantastic name for your kid!
  9. Xu – Initially a Chinese surname, the meaning of Xu is ‘dazzling increasing sun’ or ‘from the ancient land of Xu’.
  10. Yerodin – This is a name of African origin, the meaning is ‘academic’. This stunning name might be best for your child.
  11. Yad – This name refers to and has a Lebanese origin to the gemstone ‘jade’. The very same name likewise has a Kurdish origin, and the meaning is ‘remembrance’.
  12.  Zuriel – This is a Scriptural name of Hebrew origin it means ‘rock’ or ‘strength of God’.

Cute unusual baby names

  1. Zion – This name of Hebrew origin indicates ‘the acme’. It is likewise the Scriptural term for ‘the promised land’.
  2. Zaad – This is a name of Arabic origin and the meaning is ‘triumph, success, accomplishment’. It is an alternative type of the name Zayd.
  3. Abel – Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is ‘breath’ or ‘breathing spirit’. Connected with the scriptural boy of Adam and Eve, who was eliminated by his bro Cain.
  4. Anders – is of Scandinavian origin, the meaning is ‘lion guy’. Presently the 4th most popular name for young boys in Sweden.
  5. Asher – Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is ‘lucky’ or ‘fortunate’. Among the twelve boys of Jacob in the Bible, and among the siblings who offers Joseph into slavery in the story of Joseph and his multi-colored coat.
  6. Axel – Is of Scandinavian origin and german, a Germanised kind of the Hebrew origin is Absalom, and it means ‘daddy is peace’. Made well-known by Weapons ‘n’ Roses straw man Axl Rose.
  7. Bryce/Bryson – Is of Welsh origin, and the meaning is ‘descendant of Brice’.
  8. Carson – alt. Carsten. Scottish and the meaning is ‘marsh dwellers.
  9. Colt/Colton – Is of English origin, suggesting ‘swarthy’. Progressed from the Old Is of English origin name, Soda.
  10. Dawson – Old Is of English origin and one of the coolest unusual names for boys, implying ‘kid of David’. Connected with the primary character in the TELEVISION program Dawson’s Creek.
  11. Diego – Is of Spanish origin, and the meaning is ‘supplanter’. Has actually remained in usage because of the l lth century.

Uncommon and unusual baby names

  1. Unusual Names For BoysElias – alt. Elijah, Elio Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is ‘the Lord is my God. Walt Disney’s dad was Elias Disney. Star Elijah Wood played Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings movies.
  2. Everett – meaning is “brave, strong boar”.
  3. Ezekiel – it means “God will strengthen”
  4. Grayson – This popular young boy’s name has actually long been a preferred option to ‘Mason’ and ‘Jason’. It is of English origin and the meaning is ‘the child of the bailiff’s.
  5. Griffin – Is of English origin. A griffin is a legendary animal with the body of the head and a lion and the wings of an eagle.
  6. Holden – Is of English origin, implying ‘deep valley’.
  7. Hudson – Is of English origin, and the meaning is ‘daring’.
  8. Jameson – alt. Jamison Is of English origin, and the meaning is ‘child of James’.
  9. Jasper – Is of Greek origin, implying ‘treasure holder’ or ‘speckled stone’. The stone jasper has actually been utilized for countless years for sculpted accessories and jewelry. Jasper Conran is a modern-day designer.
  10. Jeremiah – alt. Jeremia, Jeremias, Jeremiya Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is ‘the Lord honors’. Among the primary prophets in the Bible.
  11. Josiah – Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is ‘God assists’. Among the kings of Judah in the Bible.
  12. Kaden – alt. Kadin, Kaeden, Kaedin, Kaiden Arabic, and the meaning is ‘buddy’. The name of a town in Germany.
  13. Kyrie – Is of Greek origin, implying ‘the Lord’. A prayer sung at the start of the Christian mass.
  14.  Kingston – Is one of the most unique unusual names for boys and the meaning “king’s town”
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All boy names

  1. Lincoln – Lincoln is a cool, various name for a little young boy, and implies ‘town by the swimming pool’.
  2. Maddox – Is of English origin, suggesting ‘great’ or ‘generous’. Stemmed from Madoc, a famous Is of Welsh origin Prince who apparently found America years prior to ChrisPopularher Columbus. Maddox Jolie-Pitt is the oldest child of Angelina and Brad.
  3. Malachi – alt. Malachy Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is ‘messenger of God’, the name of a Jewish prophet in the Bible. An Irish name.
  4. Matias – it means gift of God
  5. Mattio – it means gift of God
  6.  Maxwell – Latin, and the meaning is ‘Maccus’ stream’.
  7. Nolan – Is of Gaelic origin, implying ‘champ’.
  8. Parker – Is of English origin, implying ‘park keeper’.
  9. Phoenix – Is of Greek origin, implying ‘dark red’. In ancient Is of Greek origin folklore, a phoenix is a bird that has the power to restore itself from its ashes.
  10. Raymond – alt. Rayner; abbrev. Ray Is of English origin, suggesting ‘consultant’. Illustrator and author Raymond Briggs is understood for The Snowman.
  11. Reid – Is of old English origin, and the meaning is ‘by the reeds’.
  12. Remington – Is of English origin, suggesting ‘ridge town’.
  13. Rhett – means Counsel, Advice
  14. River – Is of English origin, from ‘river’. Utilized as both a young boys’ and a ladies’ name, in some cases in the plural.
  15. Ryker – From Richard, and the meaning is ‘effective leader’. Perhaps the coolest unusual names for boys on our list, Ryker not just sounds remarkable however likewise implies abundant. It’s a name your boy will certainly be grateful for.
  16. Silas – meaning “wood, forest”

Cool boy names

  1. Czech Names For BoysSonny – Is of American English origin, implying ‘kid’. Vocalist Sonny Bono was half of the duo Sonny and Cher.
  2. Tanner – meaning a person who is employed to tan animal hides
  3. Thiago – means “may God protect”, “holder of the heel” or “supplanter” (from James)
  4. Titus – meaning “title of honor”
  5. Tristan – alt. Tristram Celtic, from the Celtic hero. Among the knights of the Round Table.
  6. Vincent – abbrev. Vin, Vince, Vinnie Is of English origin, and the meaning is ‘triumphant’. Famous Vincents consist of star Vince Vaughn, artist Vincent van Gogh and footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones.
  7. Walter – abbrev. Walt, Wally German, and the meaning is ‘ruler of the army’.
  8. Wesley – “western meadow”
  9. Wyatt – Teutonic, and the meaning is ‘from wood’ or ‘from the broad water’. Famous Wyatts consist of wild-west constable Wyatt Earp and comic Wyatt Cenac.
  10. Xander – Is of Greek origin, suggesting ‘protector of individuals’. A brief type for Alexander.
  11. Zeke – “God strengthens”

Conclusion on Unusual names for boys

This wonderful list of Unusual names for boys will absolutely help you find an excellent name for your little bundle of delight. With such a unique name, your child will certainly grow up to be a positive and confident human being.

We do hope you love the list of Unusual names for boys compiled here? Let’s hear your thought in the comment.

Also, if you have any other Unusual names for boys, please do not hesitate to share them with us, thanks.

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