25 Awesome Literary Names For Girls With Their Meanings

Literary names for girls

Literary names for girls often have their own sounds too. If you are thinking about what some of the Literary names for girls can sound like, these names aren’t that bad for initial as well as middle names for baby girls.

If you enjoy all the audios the letters make, you’ll definitely want to know the Literary names for girls for girls and girls in this list. Whether you want short, long, adorable, or distinct, there are Literary names for girls out for you to know.

These Literary names for girls have been used more than one or two occasions before, which can eventually lead your baby on a path of its own. Individuals with names or Literary names for girls are extremely cooperative, courteous, and are very thoughtful. The ideal characteristic concerning them is that they deal with everyone around with utmost treatment, convenience, and level of sensitivity.

Although it might not be the only point on your mind after you have actually given birth, choosing your baby’s name is among the most significant decisions you’ll make.
For ideas on the Literary names for girls, we’ve got a list of thousands for you!

Choosing Literary names for girls

Literary names for girls
Besides helping guarantee your child is healthy, there is nearly absolutely nothing more vital than your baby’s name that he/she can happily bring throughout their life.

This list of distinctively Literary names for girls offers you numerous options for calling your baby with a nod to your fantastic culture and history.

Choosing a baby name can be a difficult decision. Below are some ideas for Literary names for girls based upon data from the USA Social Safety And Security Administration  and the USA benefits

Naming a youngster is a really essential event that is entitled to a cautious factor to consider. Names should never ever have damaging definitions since this could have adverse effects that might not develop positivity in the child. It needs to be a fantastic, honorable, and favorable name, which both you and your companion love.

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You make sure to enjoy the name in the years to come because your child will certainly become his name

This list of Literary names for girls is The Cradle Rocks’ initial list of cute Literary names for girls for you to choose from.

Popular Literary names for girls

You are certain to enjoy this mix of these Literary names for girls. There are cultural and typical French, Greek, British, American girl, Roman names for girls, and lots more. These unique options will definitely fit your little one and make him a positive influence on your entire family members.

Check out these unique Literary names for girls and pick a fantastic name for your little baby.

You are actually in the right place if you are looking for incredible Literary names for girls and are trending currently. These names are prominent and special in their very own fantastic ways and also have incredible significances.

But wait!  We also took a look back at over 90 of the most unusual baby names. Some are adorably crazy — while some are just pleasant and refreshingly unusual. You could also find some inspiration for unique names for girls here. The best idea for English names for girls is also available on this page.

You can also decide to go with British names for girls and girls or go by the Japanese origin by checking our post on popular japanese names for girls.

Also if you prefer some Chinese names, Hebrew names idea, you can find some hebrew names for girls or girls and their amazing meanings

Top 25 Literary names for girls
Literary names for girls

  1. Anna – A novel was released in 1878 titled “Anna Karenina”. Most people consider it the most extraordinary work of literature, this name should be considered for your baby girl.
  2. Alice – Now, who does not understand this name? When it comes to characters, consider her a timeless and beloved of the literature. This name will stay extraordinary much like the story Alice in Wonderland.
  3. Beatrice – Bee can be used as a nickname, she is the older sister in Beverly Cleary’s Beezus and Ramona. This French name for baby girls simply means ‘she who makes happy.’
  4. Bella – She is the main character in the Golden series composed by Stephenie Meyer. Meyer has actually perfectly produced the character of Isabella ‘Bella’ Marie Swan.
  5. Elizabeth – In the literary marvel “Pride and Prejudice”, she is the lead character. It is a popular Old English name that simply means ‘God is abundance.’
  6. Ellen – The well-known storyteller of the novel Wuthering Heights, she is commonly called Nelly Dean. The meaning of the name Ellen is ‘intense, shining light’.
  7. Emma – In the popular book by Jane Austen that is titled Emma, the titular character is sweet and sticks to the memory for a long time. The meaning of these names is ‘universal.’
  8. Emily – Emily Bronte is an English author and poet known for her amazing work. It is a German name and the simple meaning is ‘hardworking.’.
  9. Hazel – Hazel comes as an identified and inspiring character in the well-known novel “The Fault in Our Stars.” The meaning of this English origin name is ‘from the hazelnut tree.’
  10. India – The name of a culturally abundant and varied nation is likewise a character in“Chosen the Wind” composed by Margaret Mitchell.
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Cute literary names for girls

  1. Jacqueline – Jacqueline Wilson is an author who composes for kids and is profoundly popular. It is a French name that is originated from Hebrew. The meaning is ‘might God safeguard.’
  2. Jane – The popular author Jane Austen is the name bearer. Jane Eyre is an autobiographical book by Charlotte Bronte
  3. Jo – A strong and sweet character in the novel “Little Ladies”, Josephine or Jo for short, is a remarkable character for the readers of the book.
  4. Kairi – In the popular novel “series Kingdom Hearts”, it is the name of a widely known character. The name simply means ‘sea.’
  5. Jhumpa – The name is unique and was a nickname of the well-known author Jhumpa Lahiri. It is an Indian name for girls that means ‘lovely’
  6. Laila – A moving story which was told by Khaled Hosseini in “A Thousand Splendid Suns” has Laila as the primary character. She is a girl that resides in Kabul with her parents.
  7. Lisbeth – It is a Greek name that suggests ‘oath of God.’ The name is influenced by the novel “The Lady with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.
  8. Molly – The Irish author James Joyce’s work Ulysses has actually a character called Molly. This Irish name means ‘star of the sea.’
  9. Matilda – Matilda is the titular character of the novel by Roald Dahl called “Matilda.” An English name that is more popular in Scandinavian nations, The meaning is ‘might or strength.’
  10. Rosalind – Rosalind is the primary character in “As You Like it” by William Shakespeare. The name has Germanic name aspects, and it means ‘horse’. The meaning of this name in Latin is ‘beautiful rose.
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Uncommon literary names for girls

  1. Literary names for girlsScarlett – Scarlett is the lead character in Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the wind” The name has a great sound to it and originated from the word red or scarlet.
  2. Sylvia – The renowned American poet Sylvia Course’s first name will attract parents that are trying to find baby names motivated by literature. The meaning of the name is ‘spirit of the wood.’
  3. Tacy – It originated from the “Betsy-Tacy series” by Maud Hart Lovelace. The name has a Greek origin and the meaning is ‘plentiful grain.’.
  4. Virginia – Virginia Woolf was a popular author and critic of her time. The meaning of the name is ‘maiden,’ it originated from an ancient Roman family name.
  5. Zora – “Their Eyes were watching God” is a 1937 novel composed by Zora Neale Hurston. It is believed to be classic by all requirements. The name means ‘dawn.’

Conclusion on Literary names for girls

This wonderful list of Literary names for girls will absolutely help you find an excellent name for your little bundle of delight. With such a unique name, your child will certainly grow up to be a positive and confident human being.

We do hope you love the list of Literary names for girls compiled here? Let’s hear your thought in the comment.

Also, if you have any other Literary names for girls, please do not hesitate to share them with us, thanks.