120+ Popular Japanese Names For Boys With Meanings

Japanese names for boys
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Japanese names for boys often have their own sounds too. If you are thinking about what some of the Japanese names for boys can sound like, these names aren’t that bad for initial as well as middle names for baby boy.

If you enjoy all the audios the letters make, you’ll definitely want to know the Japanese names for boys in this list. Whether you want short, long, adorable, or distinct, there are Japanese names for boys out for you to know.
Japanese names for boys
These Japanese names for boys have been used more than one or two occasions before, which can eventually lead your baby on a path of its own. Individuals with names or Japanese names for boys are extremely cooperative, courteous, and are very thoughtful.\

The ideal characteristic concerning them is that they deal with everyone around with utmost treatment, convenience, and level of sensitivity.

Although it might not be the only point on your mind after you have actually given birth, choosing your baby’s name is among the most significant decisions you’ll make.

For ideas on the Japanese names for boys, we’ve got a list of thousands for you!

Choosing Japanese names for boys

Choosing a baby name can be a difficult decision. Below are some ideas for Japanese names for boys based upon data from the USA Social Safety And Security Administration and the USA benefits.

Naming a youngster is a really essential event that is entitled to a cautious factor to consider. Names should never ever have damaging definitions since this could have adverse effects that might not develop positivity in the child. It needs to be a fantastic, honorable, and favorable name, which both you and your companion love.

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You make sure to enjoy the name in the years to come because your child will certainly become his name
Japanese names for boys
This list of Japanese names for boys is The Cradle Rocks’ initial list of cute Japanese names for boys for you to choose from.

Popular Japanese names for boys

You are certain to enjoy this mix of these Japanese names for boys. There are cultural and typical French, Greek, British, American boy Japanese names for boys, and lots more. These unique options will definitely fit your little one and make him a positive influence on your entire family members.

Check out these unique Japanese names for boys and pick a fantastic name for your little baby boy.

You are actually in the right place if you are looking for incredible Japanese names for boys and are trending currently. These names are prominent and special in their very own fantastic ways and also have incredible significances.
Japanese names for boys
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Here are the top 100+ Japanese names for boys for you:

Names English meanings
AkiVery clear and bright
AkihikoAn intelligent child
BotanA peony flower that symbolizes honor and wealth
DaiA baby boy traditional Japanese name that means "large"
FujiBeautiful, also given to a baby boy to honor the "majestic mountain"
HaruA boy born in the spring; or sunlight
HarukiA boy born in the spring; or sunlight
HiroshiThis is a traditional Japanese name that means "generous"
IsseyA first born boy
JiroA second child
JuroLong life
KaneA warrior
KaiA willow tree
KenjiA strong and vigorous child, second child
MiekoA blessed and beautiful child
NobuTo have faith, a prolong relationship
OdaA great field
RaidonGod of thunder
RioA fragrant white flower e.g. the cherry flower or Jasmine
SeijiUpright and lawful
ShinjiroPure and True
TakashiA noble person
YukioA boy born around the Christmas season, the variation of this name is Yuki
ArataNew and very fresh
AoiHollyhock flower
AkiraVery clear and bright
DaikiA boy born for the great glory
EijiA child
Goro/ GorouA fifth-born child
HachirouAn eight-born child
HideoA well-fulfilled person
KatsuVictorious, the variation of this names are Katsumi, Katsuo, and Katsuro
KioshiVery pure, purity
MakatoA truthful and sincere person
MasaakiA wise man
MichiA pathway
NaokiAn honest person
OsamuA logical and disciplined person
RyuuThe name is used to invoke the spirit of a dragon
SatoshiA wise man that is blessed with wit and clarity of thought
ShinA humble and very gentle person
Show/ShoOne that can soar or fly to great heights
SoraSky, vastness of positive thoughts
TakeoA valiant warrior
AitoA darling child
AsahiMorning, sunlight
AkioA glorious one
DaisukeA helper
HajimeThe start, the beginning
Hideaki/ HidekiExcellence
HikaruA blessed child
IsaoThe name means merit and honor to the bearer
ItsukiA tree
JunichiAn obedient son
KaedeA maple tree
KatashiA disciplined one
KenStrong, healthy and modest
KazuhikoA prosperous and harmonious prince
Kei/KouExcellence and wise
KentaBig, strong and healthy
MasaruA victorious one
Minori/ MinoruThe truthful one
Saburoa third son
TakaoA prosperous and Noble hearted hero
TakumiAn adept and adroit one who is skillful
AitoAn Ocean
AkioA hero
ChibiA small child
ChikoA Pledge
DaiA shining individual
DaichiFrom the Earth
EitaClear, Crystal
EnmeiLife Sustaining
FumihiroExtensive Condemnation
GokuAware of Emptiness
HakakuWhite Crane
HirotoFly Far
IchiroFirst Son
KazukiPeaceful Tree
KentoCure for Sadness
Kohei Flat
KohiLittle One
KosukeRising Sun
NamikoA Child of the Waves
NatsuBorn in Summer
OrochiBig Snake
Ren Lotus
Shota Prosper
ShiroThe Four Sons
SoutaA Sudden Sound of the Wind
TatsuoMale Dragon
TatsuyaGood Health
YamatoGreat Harmony
YoutaGreat Sunlight
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Conclusion On Japanese names for boys

Japanese names for boys
This wonderful list of Japanese names for boys will absolutely help you find an excellent name for your little bundle of delight. With such a unique name, your child will certainly grow up to be a positive and confident human being.

We do hope you love the list of Japanese names for boys compiled here? Let’s hear your thought in the comment.

Also, if you have any other Japanese names for boys, please do not hesitate to share them with us, thanks.

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