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50 Awesome Irish Girl Names And Their Meaning

Giving your little girl one of the Irish girl names are actually the ideal technique to recognize your Irish origins!

There’s no lack of attractive Irish girl names – here are the best fifty of Irish girl names you can think of!

50 Irish Girl Names for your adorable little baby

irish girl names

Listed below are 50 of the most common Irish girl names as seen on the Irish baby names website

1.  Aoife (ee-fa).

This name indicates lovely, joyful, or even refulgent, and likely derives coming from the Gaelic phrase ‘aoibh’ meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘pleasure.’ In Irish mythology, Aoife is actually called the ultimate lady warrior around the world. She brought to life the mythological hero Cuchulainn’s only son, Connlach, and also was the child of a master of Connacht. Folklore possesses it, her relationship was prepared by St. Patrick themself.

2. Caoimhe (kwee-va or even kee-va).

Coming from the Gaelic term “caomh,” this name suggests mild, valuable or wonderful.

3. Saoirse (ser-sha).

This name suggests “flexibility” or “right.” It possesses strong chauvinistic intimations and has actually simply been actually in usage since the 1920s.

4. Ciara (kee-ra).

The feminine type of Ciaran, this name arises from the Gaelic phrase “ciar,” which indicates dark. It signifies dark functions, like hair or eyes. In history, St. Ciara was actually a prominent amount that established a monastery in Co. Tipperary during the 7th century.

5. Niamh (neev or nee-iv).

Meaning luster, luster, or even illumination. In Irish mythology, Niamh was the little girl of Manannan, the god of the sea – she was actually recognized as ‘Niamh of the Golden Hair’ and also was typically depicted using on a white-colored horse. She was the fan of poet-hero Oisin; together they stayed in Tir-na-nOg, the property of fountain of youth.

6. Roisin (ro-sheen).

This Irish girl names mean “little flower,” and also has actually been actually made use of in Ireland considering that the sixteenth century. When Irish patriotic poetry and song was outlawed in Ireland, Irish bands will disguise their nationalistic knowledge and enjoy songs, and perform regarding Roisin Dubh (” Dark Rosaleen”) as the poetic icon for their nation.

7. Cara.

In Irish, Cara merely indicates “a pal.”.

8. Clodagh (cloda).

Called for the River Clodagh, or even Clody Waterway, which goes through Co. Tipperary and Co. Wexford. Like many Irish waterways, the name is actually connected with a female deity.

9. Aisling (ash-ling).

This name indicates “aspiration” or even “sight” coming from the Gaelic term ‘aislinge’ and pertains to an “Aisling,” which is actually an imaginative style of Irish language poetry coming from the late 17th century. It only began being used as a very first name in the 20th century. The poetic category has actually been objectified in Ireland as a lovely lady at risk.

10. Eabha (ey-va).

This is the Irish type of Eve (Adam and Eve are actually Ádhamh agus Éabha in Irish). It suggests ‘lifestyle,’ but comes with all of the undertones of the name Eve, i.e. the mommy of all the lifestyle.

11.  Aoibhinn (ay-veen or ee-van).

This name indicates an enjoyable, gorgeous gloss of glowing charm. It was a common name for princesses among the royal loved ones of Ireland that has been actually revived in the last few years.

12. Aine (awn-ye).

irish girl names

This name comes coming from the noun aine, which means “radiance, natural beauty, grandness.” The name is attached to fruitfulness and success. In Irish folklore, Aine, the Queen of the Munster fairies, was actually one of the better halves of Fionn MacCool.

13. Sadhbh (sive, sigh-v).

This name way may either mean delightful and beautiful, or wise.

14. Aoibheann (ay-veen).

This name means “of enjoyable, beautiful gloss” or even “radiant beauty.” It is actually commonly taken a diminutive for the word Eve, or, “little Eve.”.

15. Fiadh (fee-a).

Fiadh is an old Irish word meaning “crazy,” in the feeling of an untamed creature. It arises from the phrase “wild animals,” fiadhúrla.

16. Aoibhe (ey-va).

This stems from the Gaelic term “aoibh,” which suggests charm.

17.  Laoise (lee-sha).

This implies “glowing girl,” and is actually typically Anglicized as Louisa. It likewise refers to light.

18. Eimear (ee-mur).

This name indicates “fast.” In the Irish folklore, Eimear was actually the other half of soldier tale Cuchulainn, and was said to have possessed the 6 gifts of femininity, which are charm, a delicate voice, wonderful phrases, chastity, wisdom, and also needlework.

19. Orla.

Additionally signified Orlaith, this name implies “gold little princess” or even “gold self-governed” in Irish. Both the sister and child of Brian Boru were called Orla.

20. Meabh (Maeve).

This name indicates “intoxicating.” In the Irish folklore, Meabh was the soldier queen of Connacht.

21. Shauna.

As the womanly kind of the well-known Irish children’s name Sean, this name implies “The lord is actually grateful.” The name can easily also imply “current.”.

22. Shannon.

This name implies a “prudent waterway.” The Irish type is Sionainn and it has numerous punctuation varieties, but it arises from ‘sion’ (prudent) and ‘abhainn’ (river).

23. Sinead (shin-ade).

This is actually the Irish type of the name “Jane” or “Jeannette,” and also means “The lord is grateful.”.

24. Grainne (grawn-ye).

Coming from the Irish word “grandma,” meaning grain or corn. In ancient Ireland, Grainne was actually the deity of the grain or even produce. There is additionally a well-known Irish narrative, “The interest of Diarmuid and also Grainne,” which concerns the affection triangular between Fionn MacCool, princess Grainne and Fianna member Diarmuid O’Dyna.

25. Kayleigh (kay-lee).

This name indicates “fair and slim” or “slimmer,” acquiring coming from the Celtic /Gaelic phrase for slim, which is actually ‘caol.’.

26. Fiona.

irish girl names

This name indicates lovely, white-colored, beautiful. It is actually the womanly type of Fionn.

27. Emer (eemer).

This name indicates “swift.” In the Irish tale, Eimear was actually the partner of soldier tale Cuchulainn, and also was stated to have actually possessed the 6 presents of femininity, which are actually beauty, a mild representation, delightful terms, needlework, chastity, and also knowledge.

28. Siobhan (shiv-on).

Siobhan is actually another form of the name “Joan,” and also implies “God has actually been actually grateful” or even “God’s grace.” It may likewise suggest “loaded with attraction.”.

29. Ailbhe (alva).

This name is very likely originated from the Gaelic term “albho” which implies ‘white.’ In Irish tale, this was actually the name of a female fighter in the Fianna.

30. Mairead (mi-rade).

This is actually the Irish type of Margaret. It suggests “pearl.”.

31. Cliodhna (clee-na).

This name originates from the words “clodhna,” meaning “shapely.” In some Irish myths, Cliodhna is the deity of passion and elegance. In some myths, she is the Queen of the Banshees.

32. Imogen (imma-jen).

This name indicates “initial” or even “daughter” coming from the Gaelic phrase “inghean” It can additionally be actually equated as “upright” or even “righteous.”.

33. Orlaith (orla).

This name implies “gold princess” or “golden sovereign” in Irish. Both the sister and daughter of Brian Boru had this name.

34. Caragh (kara).

This name suggests “close friend” and “beloved.”.

35. Aoibh (eve).

The Irish variation of “eve,” this name indicates stunning and radiant.

36. Blathnaid (blaw-nid).

In Irish, “blath” means bloom or even blossom. It is the Irish variation of Florence, originated from the Latin word Florentia, which suggests flowering or progressing.

37. Cadhla (ky-lah).

This name suggests gorgeous, comely, and stylish.

38. Dearbhla (durv-la).

In Irish, ‘dearbh’ means honest truth, and ‘ail’ designs attractiveness or wish. This name implies “accurate wish.”.

39. Bronagh (brona).

This name is originated in the Irish phrase bronach, which means down or even affecting. St Bronagh is actually a venerated number in Co. Down, where the name is actually well-known.

40. Riona (ree-ona).

This stems from “rionach,” and also implies “queenly.”.

41. Sorcha (sur-ka).

As the Gaelic form of the name Sarah or even Sally, this name indicates “illumination” or even “sparkling.”.

42. Nuala (noo-lah).

This is actually the small of the name Fionnuala, which suggests “reasonable shoulder.” Sometimes used as an alternative for the name “Una,” which means sheep.

43. Eireann (erin).

irish girl names

This name indicates Ireland, as the genitive instance of the words Eire. Commonly Anglicized as Erin.

44. Oonagh (Una).

This name implies lamb, coming from the Gaelic word uan. Sometimes the name is actually translated as “unity,” coming from “una,” the Latin phrase for “one.”.

45. Sile (shee-la).

This is the Irish form of the Classical name Cecilia, the tutelary saint of songs, and indicates ‘complete and music.’.

46. Muireann (mweer-in).

This Irish girl names mean “ocean white-colored, ocean fair.” In Irish mythology, this was the name of a sixth-century mermaid found through an angler in Lough Neagh. He brought her to St. Comghall, who purified her, transforming her right into a girl.

47. Nessa.

This name can easily mean “tough” or even “not gentle.” In Irish mythology, she was actually the highly effective and eager mama of Conchobar (Conor) MacNessa, Master of Ulster.

48. Fionnuala (fi-noola).

A variant of the Irish girl names Finnguala, which implies ‘reasonable shoulder’ or ‘white-colored shoulder,’ coming from “fionn” meaning white-colored, and “guala” meaning shoulder.

49. Deirdre (deer-dra).

This name originates from the more mature Gaelic kind “Derdriu.” The meaning is potentially originated from the Celtic word for girl. In Irish legend, Dierdre was actually the name of a terrible status who perished of heartbreak after Conchobar, the Master of Ulster, eliminated her fan Naoise.

50. Eithne (enya).

In Irish this name indicates “piece of a nut or seed.” There were at minimum 9 St Eithne’s. It is additionally connected along with the name Aidan, which implies “little fire.”.
What’s your favored Irish language name? Let us know in the remarks, below!

Conclusion On Irish Girl Names

We at thecradlerocks hope that you can find perfect Irish girl names for your little cutie from the list of the best Irish girl names provided above. Let’s know what you think in the comment section about the various Irish girl names mentioned and their meaning. Thanks for reading.

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