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200+ Awesome Irish Boy Names With Their Meanings

Trying to find strong Irish boy names? Try your good luck at these one-of-a-kind Celtic, Gaelic, and also Irish boy names that come from the cradles rocks. Choosing a name for your baby boy is just one of the most exciting things for a parent. If one or both parents seem to have Irish origins (or simply like the sound of Irish boy names), consider one of these inspired Irish boy names for your newborn son.

Ireland is a lovely country with lush environment-friendly landscapes and also an abundant history. Throughout the years, history and also individuals of Ireland have actually influenced lots of baby names that are used all over the world.

Irish boy names go far past “Patrick”. Names like Liam, Connor, Declan, and Sean have made their means up the list of most preferred baby names in the U.S.

irish boy names

In Ireland that are some unique spellings (as a result of the Celtic and also Gaelic languages), if you desire uncommon Irish boy names, take into consideration names like Fionn, Eamon, and Eoin.

Popular Irish last names also make superb first names such as Finnegan, Shea, and Donnelly.
If you’re on the hunt for a magnetic name for your baby-to-be, scroll via this list of Irish boy names for your kid.

Maybe you have Irish forefathers or maybe you simply happen to like Guinness and castles as well as Celtic culture and all other points Irish. In either case, you’re sure to find charming Irish boy names on this list.

Choosing Irish Boy Names For Your Baby

Choosing a baby name can be a difficult choice. Below are some ideas for Irish boy names based on data from the Social Security Administration.

This list of Irish boy names is The Cradle Rocks’ initial list of cute Irish boy names for you to choose from.

List of Irish Boy Names with Meanings

Listed below are three lists which start from the most popular Irish boy names to unusual Irish boy names and lastly to traditional Irish boy names.

Most Popular Irish Boy Names

Alfie – Alfie, brief for Alfred, comes from the old English word Elfred. It is words aelf (elf) and raed (counsel) which simply means “wise counsel”

Alex – Alex is acquired out of the name Alexander. The name means protector of the human race.

Alan – Alan is among the popular Irish boy names. The name means worthy and has variations such as Allan and also Allen.

Ben – Ben is short for Benjamin which has Hebrew origin. It means a boy of the right hand.

Brion – Brion is a variation of the name Brian. It is believed to imply ethical, honorable and strong

Colin – Colin is short for Nicholas, and it means pup.

Conor – Conor roughly means love of hounds. It can likewise imply high desire.

Connelly – Connelly means love, relationship, friendship

Darcy – The name Darcy has French as well as Irish beginnings meaning the dark one or the citadel.

Devin – Devin has Irish beginnings and means poet. However, it is not the same as Devon.

Duncan – While the name has its origins in Scotland, it has been extensively taken on by the Irish. In Gaelic, it means a dark warrior.

Darby – Darby means “free one” in Gaelic.

Donal – Donal is the Irish derivative of Donald. It means proud chief in Gaelic.

Darren – Darren means a little great one.

Farrell – Farrell is an Irish name which means daring, courageous.

Flynn – Flynn means son of the red-haired one and also has deep Irish origins.

Finn – Finn is the anglicized by-product of the Irish name Fionn which means reasonable, white, and clear.

Grady – Grady is a preferred boy name with Irish Origins meaning honorable and illustrious.

Garret – Garret in Gaelic means spear strength.

Hugh – The name Hugh has origins in Irish, English, and German cultures and also means mind, intellect.

Harry – Harry means house leader or military commander.

Hugo – Hugo has Irish, French as well as German origins, meaning heart, mind, intellect, spirit.

Ian – Ian is initially the Scottish kind of John. It means God is gracious.

John – John is among the earliest and also most extensive names with Hebrew Origins. It likewise means God is gracious.

Jake – Jake has its beginnings in the scriptural character Jacob. It means seizing by the heel, supplanting.

Jamie – Jamie is a label for James. It is additionally usual as an independent name. It means supplanter.

Jordan – Jordan is an old name with Hebrew origins. It means to flow down, descend.

Jonathan – Jonathan is likewise a name with a Hebrew origin. It means Yahweh/God has given.

Kevin – Kevin means good-looking, kind, comely birth.

Keith – Keith means the wind.

Karl – Karl has its origins in the German culture where it means a male, peasant, freeman.

Killian – Killian means battle, quarrel, war.

Leo –  Leo is an old Latin name which means lion.

Michael – The name Michael has Hebrew origins. The name means “who resembles God?”.

Murphy – Murphy is a highly preferred Irish name that means sea warrior.

Mason – Mason means one that works with stones.

Martin – Martin comes from the Latin word Martinus. It means of Mars or war-like.

Matthew – Matthew is a very prominent name, which means the gift of God.

Max – Max is a pet name for Maximilian, which means the greatest.

Neil – Neil is acquired out of the Gaelic word Niall. Neil in Irish is thought to imply a champion or a cloud.

Nathan – Nathan has Hebrew origins and means “gift”.

Noah – Noah originates from the Hebrew word noach which means rest, comfort.

Ollie – Ollie is a loving short form of the name Oliver with French origins. It means an olive tree.

Oscar – Oscar is a preferred boy name with origins in French. It means golden city.

Owen – Owen is believed to be of Welsh meaning lamb and also Gaelic meaning youth.

Paul – Paul has Latin origins, meaning tiny, humble.

Phillip – Phillip means lover of horses.

Shaun – Shaun is originated from Seán. It is additionally an Irish version of John meaning God is gracious.

Shane – Shane is the Anglicized Irish name Seaghan, which is another form of John.

Zach – Zach originates from the Greek word Zacharias which means “remembrance of God”.

Unique & Unusual Irish Boy Names

irish boy names

Aidan – Aidan has its origins in the Irish word Aodhan, which means “little fiery one”.

Angus – Angus means “one strength”.

Barry – Barry is an old Irish name, meaning  “fair-haired”.

Brendan – This name means royal “prince” or “king”.

Brody – Brody means “broad eye” or “broad island”.

Blaine – Blaine means “slender” or “angular” in Irish.

Cormac – Cormac means “charioteer” in old Gaelic.

Cian – Pronounced as “keen”, Cian is a very popular name that means “ancient”.

Colm – Colm in Gaelic means “dove”.

Cullen – The name has Gaelic beginnings and means “holly tree”.

Cathal – Cathal is an Irish Celtic name that means “powerful in battle”.

Carson – Carson has an Irish-Scottish beginning and means “son of the marsh dwellers”.

Clancy – Clancy is an uncommon name that means “red-haired warrior”.

Ciarán – Derived out of the Irish boy names Kieran, this name is preferred with Irish as well as the English. It means “little dark one”.

Declan – Having Irish descent, Declan means “man of prayer”.

Dillon – Dillon means “loyal”. It is also spelled as “Dylan” outside Ireland.

Donovan – In Gaelic, this name means “dark”.

Diarmaid – This Irish name means “devoid of envy”.

Daithi – Daithi is the Irish variation of the Hebrew name David. Articulated as “Dah-hee”, it means “beloved”.

Gulliver – Gulliver is a famously known name that means “glutton”.

Ivo – Ivo has ancestry in Irish as well as German cultures and also the name means “yew wood, archer.”

Kai – Kai means “sea”.

Kellen – Kellen has both Irish as well as German ancestry as well as means slim.

Kayden – Kayden can “buddy” or “friend”.

Kian – Kian is a derivative of the name Cian from Celtic beginnings, which means “enduring”.

Killian – Killian is a pet type of the name Ceallach with Irish origins. It means “war,  rivalry”.

Kermit – Kermit in old Irish ways “free man”.

Kerry – Kerry means “dark” or “dark-haired”.

Keenan – Keenan means “old”.

Lennon – Lennon has Irish beginnings and also means “tiny cloak or cape”. It can also suggest “little blackbird”.

Liam – Liam is an old Irish name that comes from as a pet name for “Uilliam”. The name means ‘resolute protection”.

Lucan – Lucan is an Irish by-product of the name “Luke”, which means guy from “Lucania”.

Maguire – Maguire is a relatively popular Irish surname which means “son of the beige one”. It is additionally being used as a given or first name.

McCoy – McCoy is an old Irish name which means “fire”.

Marcus – Marcus is thought to imply “committed to Mars, or warlike”.

Nolan – Nolan is old Irish for “champion”

Nevin – Nevin means “holy”.

Niall – Niall is an Irish boy name which means “Cloud’. It resembles the words Neil yet is pronounced as “nye-al”.

Odhrán – Odhrán means “little pale green one”.

Phelan – Pronounced as “Fay-lan”, this Irish name means “wolf”.

Padraigh – Padraigh is an old Irish boy name which means “patrician, noble”.

Piran – Piran is an ancient Irish word which means “prayer”.

Quinn – Quinn is an Irish name which can imply knowledge, primary leader, or descendant of Conn.

Riley – This Irish name means “brave”.

Rory – Rory is a strictly Irish name originated from Ruairi, meaning “rust-colored, red”.

Sullivan – This Irish name means “black-eyed one”.

Tristan – Tristan means “tumult, trouble. riot”

Torin – Torin is an old Irish boy name which means “chief”

Tadhg – Pronounced as “tiger”, this Irish name means “Poet”.

Tyrone – Tyrone is an Irish boy name meaning “land of Eoghan”.

Old and Traditional Irish Boy Names

irish boy names

Aaron – Having Hebrew origins, Aaron is obtained out of Aharon which means “the exalted one”.

Adam – Adam is just one of the earliest names around acquired out of Adama which means “red earth”.

Bradan – Pronounced as “bray-dawn”, the name Bradan means “salmon”. In old Irish, it means “knowledge”.

Brin – The word “bri” means hillside. For that reason, the name Brin in context means high/noble and strong”. It is pronounced as “been”.

Carbry – Carbry is one more old Irish name which also means “charioteer”.

Cashel – Pronounced as “Cash-ill”, the name means “castle, stone fort” in Irish.

Callahan – Callahan is an old Irish name which means “intense headed”.

Darragh – Pronounced as “darra”, Darragh can be converted into “fruitful” as well as “fertile” or “dark oak” or “oak tree”.

Declan – Declan is pronounced as “day-glawn” as well as means “son of prayer”.

Eamon – Eamon is an old Irish name that means “keeper of riches”. It is pronounced as “aim-on” and has derivatives in Edmund and Edward.

Eoin – Pronounced as “oh-in”, the name is often understood as “well born”. Eo likewise means Yew, as well as the name, is likewise converted as “Land of the Yew”.

Fergus – Fergus is an old Irish name, meaning “strong man”.

Fintan – Fintan can be divided right into two. Fin means “white” and also tan means “fire”, so the name can be translated to “white fire/heat”.

Lochlann – Lochlann is an old word which means “place of the lakes”.

Niall – Pronounced as “nile”, the name is related to royalty as it was common with kings. It is thought to mean “passionate”.

Odhran – Odhran which is produced as “oh-dran” means “dark-haired”.

Oisin – Oisin, pronounced as “usheen”, means “young deer or fawn”.

Ronan – Ronan means “little seal”.

Ros – Ros has old Irish beginnings as well as means “prominent”.

Ultan – Pronounced as “ult-un”, it means “Ulsterman”, among the provinces or Ireland at the northern suggestion.

Other Awesome Irish Boy Names

Adan. Aidan, which means “fiery,” is one of the most preferred names for boys, and who can condemn all the parents of all the Aidans: It’s a beloved name. But if you want something a bit different for your baby boy, consider this equally darling variation.

Alpin. Adorable, right? And also it creates lovely outdoorsy pictures of forests and hills. It means “attractive.”.

Brayan. Brians is a popular name (which means “strong, virtuous as well as ethical”), however not as several Brayans (an alternative version).

Carlin. This name means “little champion”– appropriate, no? You could call him Carl and even Carley for brief.

Cass. Short, pleasant, and also powerful. This is a short form of Cassidy, which means “brilliant” as well as “curly-haired.”.

Cavan. It’s similar to Kevin– however, well, different,   too. It means “good-looking.”.

Dermot. Certain, it rhymes with Kermit (and it’s technically an alternating kind of that name), yet it’s more fit for a baby boy. It means “without envy.”.

Donell. This name is similar to a lot of old-fashioned names Donald as well as Don while still appearing a bit much more modern. It’s a kind of Donnell, which means “endure” as well as “dark.”.

Farrell. This sweet name means “brave” as well as “bold”– everything you’re likely wishing your kid will eventually be.

Galen. This dynamic name means “little” and also “dynamic.” And for brief? You can call him Gael.

Korrigan. This is a kind of Corrigan, which means “spearman.” Exactly how’s that for a historic recall?

Lennon. Are you a Beatles fan? This would certainly be an excellent way to pay tribute. It means “little cloak” or “cape.”

Rogan. Think you’ll be having a little ginger-haired baby boy? Then consider this name, which means “redhead.” Awww.

Shane. Among one of the most Irish-sounding names on the list, this is one of the many variations of the name Sean, which is a kind of John, which is really Hebrew for “God is gracious.” Phew! Bottom line? It’s an awesome name.

Torrence. This is a vibrant name significance “knolls.” Toren would make a truly good label.

Conclusion on Irish boy names

May this list of lovely Irish names supply an interesting and also amazing experience of naming your new bundle of joy!


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