300+ Amazing Indian Names For Girls – Updated List

Indian names for girls
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Indian names for girls often have their own sounds too. If you are thinking about what some of the Indian names for girls can sound like, these names aren’t that bad for initial as well as middle names for baby girls.

If you enjoy all the audios the letters make, you’ll definitely want to know the Indian names for girls in this list. Whether you want short, long, adorable, or distinct, there are Indian names for girls out for you to know.

These Indian names for girls have been used more than one or two occasions before, which can eventually lead your baby on a path of its own. Individuals with names or Indian names for girls are extremely cooperative, courteous, and are very thoughtful.

Indian names for girls

The ideal characteristic concerning them is that they deal with everyone around with utmost treatment, convenience, and level of sensitivity.

Although it might not be the only point on your mind after you have actually given birth, choosing your baby’s name is among the most significant decisions you’ll make.

For ideas on the Indian names for girls, we’ve got a list of thousands for you!

Choosing Indian names for girls

Choosing a baby name can be a difficult decision. Below are some ideas for Indian names for girls based upon data from the USA Social Safety And Security Administration and the USA benefits.

Naming a youngster is a really essential event that is entitled to a cautious factor to consider. Names should never ever have damaging definitions since this could have adverse effects that might not develop positivity in the child.

Indian names for girls

It needs to be a fantastic, honorable, and favorable name, which both you and your companion love. You make sure to enjoy the name in the years to come because your child will certainly become his name.

This list of Indian names for girls is The Cradle Rocks’ initial list of cute Indian names for girls for you to choose from.

Popular Indian names for girls

You are certain to enjoy this mix of these Indian names for girls. There are cultural and typical French, Greek, British, American boy Indian names for girls, and lots more. These unique options will definitely fit your little one and make him a positive influence on your entire family members.

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Check out these unique Indian names for girls and pick a fantastic name for your little baby boy.

You are actually in the right place if you are looking for incredible Indian names for girls and are trending currently. These names are prominent and special in their very own fantastic ways and also have incredible significances.

Indian names for girls

Here, we’re taking a look back at over 90 of the most unusual Indian names for girls. Some are adorably crazy — Kal-El and Pilot Inspektor come to mind — while some are just pleasant and refreshingly unusual.

You could also find some inspiration for your own brood.

Here are the top 300+ Indian names for girls for you:

AadiAdored, Most important
AaravVery Peaceful
AarnavOcean, Wave, Sun, Stream
AarushFirst sun ray, brilliant, Shining
AayushOne who live long, long lived
AbdulHaving knowledge
AbeerTraditional red powder that is applied during the festival of holi, Fragrance
AbhimanyuHaving self-respect, Hero
AbhiramnewVery lovely, Delightful
AdityaThe sun
AdvaithVery unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu,
AdvayVery rare, With no duplicate, Unique
AgastyaOne who can even humble the mountains
AmolPrecious, Priceless
AnayA vine, Sacred wood apple tree
AnirudhUnopposed, unstoppable
ArinPeace, full of joy
ArjunOpen minded, Pure
ArnavAir, Sun
AryanWarrior, Benevolent
AtharvLord Ganesh
AviThe Sun or Air
AyaanGod's gift, someone who is inclined by religion
AyushAged, long lived
AyushmanLong lived, Blessed to live long
AzaanA call for prayer
AzadIndependent, Free
BrijeshLord krishna, Brij land's god
BachittarSomebody with wondrous merits
BahadurjitBrave's victory
BakhshiPresent, gift
BalendraLord Krishna
BalhaarHave strength, surrounded by strength
Baljiwanhaving strength, life with strength
BalvanStrong person
BalveerVery powerful
BanjeetForest's victory
ChakradevLord Vishnu
ChakradharOne who carries chakra, Lord Vishnu
ChampakBloom, flower
ChanakyaVery bright
ChandranThe moon
ChandreshMoon leader
ChatreshLord Shiva
ChaturaVery smart, clever
DakshTalented, Capable
DarshVery handsome, Lord Krishna
DevKing, God, light
DevanshGod's part, God's eternal part
DhruvImmovable, Steady
DaksheshForest's victory
DalbirKing's property
DarpanA mirror
EkanshFull, Whole
EkalingaLord Shiva
EkapadLord Shiva
EkavirThe most brave
FarhanJoyful, happy
FalanVery fruitful
FaqidThe one who understands law and divinity
FarajSolution, cure, remedy
Farasclimb, mount, a horse that is used for riding
Fariqsuperior, lieutenant general
FarisA knight
FradoThe first
GautamOne who enlightens, Lord Buddha
GaurangHusband of Gauri (Parvati)
GirikLord Shiva, Heart of the gods
GirindraLord Shiva
Girishlord of the Mountains
Gopala person who tends grazing cattle.
GauravPride, honor, prestige or respect
GunbirBrave, virtuous
GuneetBrave, virtuous
HarshHappiness, joy
HarshilKind hearted, happy, delighted
HredhaanOne that has a great heart
HardikStraight from the heart
HarishLord Krishna
HritikStraight from the heart
HiteshOne who wish everybody well
HemangOne who has a shining body
IshaanRuler, Generous, Causing prosperity
Imaranexalted nation
IndrajitOne who conquer Indra
IkbalVery fortunate, Blessed
JainewConqueror, Victorious
JasonHe that cures
JagdishLord of the universe
JagatUniverse, World
Jatin, The Auspicious One
JairajA victorious ruler
KabirNoble, Great
KalpitCreative, Inventor
KaranIntelligent, Talented
KiaanGod's grace, Ancient
KrishCompassionate, Shortform of Lord Krishna
Krishnaincarnation of Vishnu, One of the most popular gods
LakshTarget, Aim
LakshayTarget, Aim
LuckyOne who is fortunate
LakshitTarget, Aim
LohitMade of Copper, Red
LabanPure, White
MananPersuade, Celebrate
MohammedFounder of Islam, Arab prophet
MadhavDescendant of Madhu
MiteshOne with few desires
ManbirBrave, Straight from heart
ManthanA reflection through study
NachiketFire, The spirit that gives the unquenchable thirst for the unknown
NakshThe Moon
NakulVery handsome, most cute in the lineage
NaveenPleasant, very beautiful
NihalSuccessful, Prosperous
Niteshheartbeat of earth
OmPure, One who is considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism
OjasBody strength
OmkaarReligious word OM
OnkarThe purest one
OrinderPine Tree
ParthSon of the earth
PranavSalute, Praise
PraneelA name of Lord Shiva
PranitLeader, One who has followers
PratyushDawn, sun
QadimOld, Ancient
Qarinconstant companion
Qasimone who shares
RachitWritten, Prepared
RaghavRaghu's descedants
RanbirVery brave, warrior
RanveerBattle hero
RayaanGates of Heaven, galaxy
ReyanshRay of light
RohanRising, Ascending, Another name for Vishnu
RonithEmbellishment, charming
RudranewStorm, One of the names of Shiva
RyanKing's descendant
SaiA dagger with two sharp prongs curving outward from the hilt, originating in Okinawa and sometimes used in pairs in martial arts
SakshamCapable, Competent
SamarBattle, War
SamarthEnough, Adequate
SameshLord of equality
SarthakHas meaning, Meaningful
SathviknewCalm, Virtuous
ShivanshA Portion Of Lord Shiv
SiddharthOne whose goal has been accomplished
TejasBrilliance, Sharp
TarakProtector, Guard
TeerthSacred or Holy place
TanveerBrave and strong in body
UdantCorrect Message
UmangEnthusiastic, Happiness
VedantOne who knows Vedas, theology
VeerPowerful, Heroic
ViaannewLively, Full of life
VihaanEarly morning, Dawn
Virajone who is Resplendent
VivaanLively, full of live
Wahabservant of the all-giver
WarinderLord of oceans
WriddhishLord Ganesha
YashReputation, Glory
YugHistoric period
YatinDevoted, characterized by severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.
YuvrajPrince, heir apparent
Zaidto prosper
ZehaanPlenty, Super Abundance
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Conclusion On Indian names for girls

This wonderful list of Indian names for girls will absolutely help you find an excellent name for your little bundle of delight. With such a unique name, your child will certainly grow up to be a positive and confident human being.

We do hope you love the list of Indian names for girls compiled here? Let’s hear your thought in the comment.

Also, if you have any other Indian names for girls, please do not hesitate to share them with us, thanks.

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